Feature Highlight

This page is dedicated to demonstrating the key features of the app through real-life workflows with the intention of helping users to get familiar with Snowray.
To benefit the most from the highlighted features, feel free to follow along with the examples, as they will walk you through the most important functionalities of Snowray.

Code System authoring

In addition to browsing international standards, Snowray also supports building and modeling code sets from scratch.
Code System Authoring
Learn more about creating and maintaining Code Systems here:

Value Set authoring

Snowray also enables building subsets of the Code Systems that are available in the app, generating more focused content with that.
Value Set Authoring
Find out more about managing Value Sets here:

Concept Map authoring

Mapping content from one Codes System to another is also supported in the app. Not only Code Systems, but Value Sets can also be used as source or target domains for Concept Maps.
Concept Map Authoring
Learn more about Concept Maps here:

Issue management

Providing feedback, requesting changes, or just adding comments for discussion can all be managed in the built-in issue system of Snowray, which allows creating issues for specific resources.
Issue Management
Find out more about handling issues here:

And more...

Besides the highlighted features, Snowray comes with a pack of additional functionalities that enhance usability and support the authoring processes, including but not limited to Profile management, access management, or releasing resources.
Explore what Snowray has in store in the following pages of the documentation.