Release Management

Release a Value Set

Once a Value Set is considered to be complete, its content can be released.
To release a Value Set, select it from the Resources page, go to the Releases tab and click on the
button then fill out the required fields and press the
Create a Release

Browse Releases

Selecting a Value Set from the resources navigates users to its Overview tab.
To reveal the release timeline, select the Releases tab.
Each release holds the following properties: release tag, effective time, the author's avatar, and a description (if specified upon creation). In addition, a green tag on the left-hand side of the timeline indicates the latest release.
Value Set Releases
To check the author of a release, hover over the avatar.

Migrate to a New Dependency

Resource properties can be edited by pressing the
next to the property. If the domain of the resource has a recent release, users have the option to migrate the definitions to the newer Code System version. This replaces all inactivated content with their known active substitutes as well.
Migrate Domain
Migrating to a new dependency can cause incorrect clauses. Check the definitions of the Value Set after the migration to see the issues.
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