To enter editing mode and access functionalities related to authoring, click on the
button in the upper right corner of the selected Value Set's content page.

Add a New Clause

New clauses can be added by constructing a query expression supported by the domain Code System (in case of SNOMED CT, this is an ECL expression), after clicking on the area surrounded by an intermittent line under the Includes and Excludes sections.
Create a New Clause
While authoring, clauses highlight parts of the hierarchy with colors. These help identify which part of the hierarchy is included (green and/or normal gray), excluded (red), suggested (purple), or just displayed (light gray) for contextual information.
If selecting a concept from the terminology tree the clause that involves the concept will be highlighted.
Highlight Clauses
There are different ways to add clauses to a Value Set. For more information visit the following pages:

Edit Clause

Hovering over an existing clause reveals the
icon, which enables editing the selected clause. Changes can be persisted by clicking on the green checkmark.
Edit a Value Set Clause

Optimize (coming soon)

As part of the authoring process, users also have the option to optimize their Value Sets. This feature simplifies Value Sets by replacing members with ECL expressions. For example, if all the children of a concept are added, it will reduce the clauses to a single clause using the following format: < parentId | FSN |.
To use this option, navigate to the specific Value Set and start editing. In the upper right corner on the authoring page press the
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