Value Sets
Value sets may be used to create subsets of any Code System resource's codes. They can be used to create SNOMED CT reference sets or generic Value Sets. They compose clauses to form the definition of the Value Set. Clauses represent query expressions (like the Expression Constraint Language) that select a substrate from the currently configured source Code System, called domain. A clause can be either included or excluded to precisely add the concepts you'd like as members to the Value Set.
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Concepts that are part of the Value Set can be browsed after navigating to the Content tab. This tab displays the latest published set of members of the Value Set in a tree form. Users can expand the tree to find all members in their respective hierarchies. The search bar at the top of the section eases the way of searching for specific members.
For more information about filtering check out the Searching Concepts section.


On the Content tab of a Value Set users with Write permission can change the definition by pressing the
button in the upper right corner, which navigates users to the Value Set's latest editable version. When defining Value Set clauses, users either need to construct ECL queries or simply drag and drop concepts from the concept tree to the desired section, i.e. Includes or Excludes.
Value Set Definition Authoring
Want to know more about authoring? Check out the Value Set Authoring section.
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