Advanced Search
Snowray provides an advanced search option for SNOMED CT, which can be invoked by pressing the
advanced filter icon in the search bar. This enables users to specify additional criteria to restrict their searches.
Advanced Search Filter
Filter for active or inactive concepts
Return concepts that are associated with the selected module
Filter for concepts within the selected namespace
Return all child concepts of the selected concept
Active member of
Filter for concepts that are present in the selected resource
Definition status
Return either defined or primitive concepts only
Effective time
Search concepts by their release date
The filters above are dropdowns, while the ECL filter requires typing in a valid query. A content assist, which can be activated by pressing Ctrl + Space , helps users to construct ECL queries easily.
Active members of a resource will only be detected correctly after the resource is synchronized, i.e. it is either released or exported to RF2.
Last modified 21d ago
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