Issue management

Users can leave comments, suggestions, and other feedback they encounter during authoring in the form of issues. These can be created for specific resources and are maintained on a dedicated page called Issues.
Issues can be accessed in two ways: from the global Issues page and the Resource specific Issues page.

Global Issues Page

The global page provides a list-style overview of all the issues created in Snowray.
Global Issues View
The listed issues are displayed with their title, along with the resource that is referenced by the issue, the users involved in that issue, i.e. participants, and the number of comments made on the issue.
Open issues are represented by
, while resolved ones have
next to their title.
In addition to visual indicators, several filters can be applied to refine the view, for example, to show only resolved or open issues. The search bar can also be used to filter for issues that have the search term in their title.
Pressing the
icon reveals context menu actions with additional filter options.
  • To display issues created by yourself, press the Created by Me option.
  • To filter for issues where you made a comment, i.e. you are a participant of an issue, press the Mentions option.
  • To sort issues by title or creation time, select the corresponding option from the sub-menu items.

Resource Issues Page

An Issues page is also available amongst the tabs of a resource, which is dedicated to the specific resource - let it be a Value Set, Code System, or a Bundle - and as a result, lists issues related only to the corresponding resource.
Issues tab of a Value Set
The page has a similar layout to the one that can be seen on the global Issues page, with the exception of displaying the Resource title. All the functions are available on the resource-specific issue page as well, i.e. users can apply different filters to refine the list.

Issue layout

Opening an issue is as easy as clicking on the title in the list. This will navigate users to the Issue overview page, where further details are available.
Layout of an Issue
If you want to reference an issue to a team member, simply click on the
icon to copy the URL.
You can also direct team members to a specific comment by copying the comment link instead.