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Migrate from 7.x

The following major differences, features and topics are worth mentioning when comparing features present in Snow Owl 7 and 8 and migrating an existing 7.x deployment to Snow Owl 8.x.
NOTE: It is highly recommended to keep the previous Snow Owl 7 deployment up and running until you have the data and all connected services migrated to the new version successfully. The new Snow Owl 8 system should get its own dedicated machine and deployment environment. Rolling back to the previous state should be available and must be executed when the upgrade cannot be performed successfully.

Database content

Due to resource and access management schema changes the old content present in a 7.x index cannot be used by a Snow Owl 8 installation. To migrate an existing dataset to the new version, perform an export in the old system and use the exported files to import the content back into the new Snow Owl 8 version.

Configuration changes

The following configuration settings have been changed:
  • Most of the snomed configuration keys have been added to runtime settings under the CodeSystem.settings property. If you have been using any of these configuration values, please raise a ticket here and we will help you migrate your current installation to the new version.
Last modified 2yr ago