Snow Owl Client Reference

Creating a New Version

Versions can be created for SNOMED CT, ICD-10-UK, OPCS-4, Mapping Sets, Value Sets, and Local Code Systems (individually). Reference Sets and Map type Reference Sets can not be versioned separately, since they are part of a SNOMED CT version.
To create a version:
  • Verify that all changes are saved.
  • Go to Tools > Create version or click the
    Create version button in the main toolbar.
  • Select a Code System.
  • Enter a unique version name and a description. If applicable, existing versions are displayed in the section to the right.
  • Use the
    calendar icon to specify an effective time, i.e. publication date.
  • Click Finish to proceed.
Create New Version Wizard - Select a code system
Create New Version Wizard - Configuration
You can only specify a date that is later than the (date of the latest) previous version. An error message will inform you in this case.
Effective time validation error
You can track the versioning process in the Remote Jobs View.
Information about the versioning process
The components that were modified since the last publication will be updated during the versioning process by changing the effective time from Unpublished to the specified publication date. Components that were not modified will not be updated and keep the original publication date.
After the versioning was completed, the create version appears in the
Code Systems View.
Code Systems View