Snow Owl Client Reference

Value Set View

Open the Value Sets Perspective by clicking on the respective
Value Sets button in the toolbar. If you want to use a different perspective you can open the Value Sets View from the main menu: Window > Show View > Other > Snow Owl > Value Sets.
Value Sets View
The Value Sets View (also called Value Set Navigator) works similar to other views:
  • Value Sets can be organized by category using folders and subfolders.
  • Folders can be collapsed.
  • A filter allows searching for Value Sets.

Organizing Value Sets

Value Sets can be organized in folders and subfolders.
To create a new top-level folder, use the
Add new top level folder button in the toolbar.
To create a new subfolder, right-click on the parent folder and choose
New folder from the Context Menu.
You can also use the context menu to remove and rename folders.
If you want to move a Value Set simply drag and drop it from one folder to another.