Snow Owl Client Reference

Manage Code Systems

To manage the UMLS code systems, there are a few utility commands that can be invoked from the console:
osgi> snowowl umls
Provides commands to manage UMLS content
umls [COMMAND]
Provides commands to manage UMLS content.
help Displays help information about the specified command
import Imports UMLS content
catalog Lists UMLS code systems
list Lists UMLS imported code systems
delete Deletes a UMLS code system
The archive prepared by the NLM MetamorphoSys tooling can be imported both from the client user interface as well as from the Snow Owl server console. To import from the server console, use the import command as the following example:
osgi>snowowl umls import "F:/Development/terminology_sources/umls/" ICD9CM AOT
To import from the Snow Owl thick client select the File > Import > UMLS from archive menu.