Snow Owl Client Reference

Reference Set View

Existing Reference Sets are displayed in the Reference Sets View which is located on the right side of your screen when the default perspective is selected. In case, the view is not displayed, open it from Window > Show View or press Ctrl +3 or Cmd+3 and filter for the name of the view.
Reference Sets View
Reference Sets are organized in the Reference Sets View by their type. At the top of the view, a filter search field is available which enables users to filter Reference Sets by their label or ID. Navigator toolbar buttons are also available:
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    Link view with editor: When the button is active the Reference Set that is selected in the editor, is also dipsplayed and highlighted in the Reference Set view.
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    Filter structural elements: When button is enabled structural elements are filtered.
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    Set concept as root: Using this button filters the focus to the selected concept and its subtypes.
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    Return to root concept: Using this button resets the original tree in the Reference Sets View.
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    Collapse all nodes: This button collapses expanded nodes in the navigator.
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    Toggle between flat list and tree for filtered results: When the Reference Set tree is filtered, this button switches between the tree and the flat list of the results.
National extensions can be identified by a small flag of the country.