Snow Owl Client Reference

Compare Reference Sets

To execute a Reference Sets compare, navigate to Tools > Compare Reference Sets... menu item.
Compare Reference Sets feature
A wizard opens where the Base and the Target Reference Sets can be selected from the lists for comparison.
Compare Map Type Reference Sets Wizard
After the comparison process, a dedicated read-only editor opens with a table summarizing the results of the comparison. A Summary section at the top displays the overall statistic of the comparison, which can be collapsed. The summary part - as well as the Explanation column below - determines the status of the given mapping according to the selected Base (Abdominal Pain 1) Reference Set. For example, if a mapping receives a Missing status, then it is missing from the Base (Abdominal Pain 1) Reference Set and only the Target (Abdominal Pain 2) Reference Set contains that particular mapping.
Map Compare Result
Identical mappings can be filtered out by clicking on the
Hide identical mappings button in the top-right corner of the editor.
The editor toolbar also offers the
Export the compare results separated by semicolon to a text file button which enables users to export the necessary information from the Map Compare Result.
Map Compare Export Wizard