Snow Owl Client Reference


Validation for Mapping Sets

The following validations are enforced when creating and editing new Mapping Sets:
  • Mandatory field when creating a new Mapping Set: Name
  • The following items have to be unique:
    • Folder names within the same folder
    • Mapping Set name
    • Mapping Set members
The same target cannot be added twice to the same source component
Edit-time Warning about Duplicate Mapping
Members pointing to missing concepts are indicated by a small question mark decorator.

Run validation

The Mapping Set validation can be executed via a toolbar menu option Tool > Validate Mapping Sets...
Validate Mapping Set Toolbar Menu Option
In the invoked wizard the execution of the rules works exactly like the general Snow Owl validation rules.
Mapping Set Validation Configuration Wizard
Once the validation remote job completes, the results can be viewed in a dedicated tab within the Validation Issues View. Reported validations are grouped by rules and the affected Mapping Set is also indicated in the label. Double-clicking on one of the reported issues will open the relevant Mapping Set Editor.
The filter search of the Mapping Set Editor can be used to search for the reported duplicate members.
Mapping Sets Validation Issues View
No Filter Applied in the Validation Issues View
Validation results can be filtered by using the Quick Search widget on the left-hand side. This allows selecting Mapping Sets one by one. Clicking the Browse button will reveal a multi-selection wizard with all the available Mapping Sets, where multiple Mapping Sets can be selected at one go.
Mapping Set Multi-selection Wizard
By clicking Finish the selected Mapping Sets will be displayed on the left-hand side of the Validation Issues View. In order for the selection to take effect, press Apply and only the rule violations matching the selected Mapping Sets will be listed.
Mapping Sets Validation Issues View Filtered
Filter Applied in the Validation Issues View