Snow Owl Client Reference

Mapping Sets View

A Mapping Set is a collection of terminology maps. A terminology map creates an association between two terminology components from two different terminologies.
Open the Mapping Sets perspective by clicking on the
Mapping Sets button in the right corner of the toolbar.
Location of the Mapping Set perspective
If you want to use a different perspective you can open the Mapping Sets view from the main toolbar: Window > Show View > Other > Snow Owl > Mapping Sets.
The Mapping Sets View lists the available Mapping Sets
Mapping Sets View
The Mapping Sets View works similar to other views:
  • Mapping Sets can be organized by category using folders.
  • Folders can be collapsed.
  • A filter allows searching for Mapping Sets within the view.

Toolbar actions

  • Toggle between flat list and tree for filtered results
  • Collapse All
  • Return to root concept
  • Set concept as root
  • Link with Editor
  • New folder
  • New Mapping Set

Context Menu options

Available Context Menu options for folders:
  • New Mapping Set...
  • New folder...
  • Delete...
  • Rename...
Available context menu options for Mapping Sets:
  • Split...
  • Clone...
  • Clone with targets...
  • Reverse mappings...
  • Copy mapping targets to another Mapping Set...
  • Add bookmark
  • Delete...

Organizing Mapping Sets

Mapping Sets can be organized in folders and subfolders.
  • to create a new top-level folder, use the
    button in the toolbar.
  • to create a new subfolder, right-click on the parent folder and chose the New folder... from the Context Menu.
You can also use the context menu to delete and rename folders.
If you want to move a Mapping Set simply drag and drop it from one folder to another.