Snow Owl Client Reference


The import will update the existing Mapping Set by adding, modifying members. Existing content that is not part of the import is kept and not changed. If there were no changes during the import the user will be notified.

Import from Excel

To import a Mapping Set from a spreadsheet go to:
📥File > Import > Snow Owl > Mapping Sets from Excel file, and click Next.
📥 Browse for the import file, and click Next.
📥 After the import, a result window appears where the process duration and the imported components are presented on the top of the window.
📥 On the second part of the window, the change details of the selected component can be seen by selecting a component from the top part.
Import result and history
To close the import result window click OK.
The imported content will be displayed in the Mapping Set View.

Import validation log

In case of validation errors, a dialog is presented at the end of the import. Open the nodes to see which parts of the Excel sheets need to be adjusted, then start the import again. You can export the information as a plain text file with the Export button.