Snow Owl Client Reference


Searching for Local Codes works similar to searching within other terminologies.
Local Code Systems View filter search
Search results for Local Codes appear in a separate section within the Quick Search Widget. Local Codes are indicated by the
Quick search for Local Codes
The Advanced search dialog has a tab dedicated to Local Code Systems.
Advanced search can be filtered according to the following properties.
  • Code and Term
  • Status (Active or Inactive)
  • Alternative Term
Users can also select the Local Code System to search within. If the selected Local Code System has additional properties, clicking on the Add Property button will list all the available additional properties of that Local Code System. From there additional properties can be selected as search criteria, which then can be populated with values to look for.
Empty values are ignored.
Advanced Search for Local Code Systems
Search results matching the criteria are displayed in the Search View.
Search results for Local Code search