Snow Owl Client Reference

SNOMED CT Concept Editor

The Concept Editor serves two basic functions:
  • You can view detailed information about a concept and its various associated components (e.g. descriptions, relationships, and Reference Set members).
  • You can make changes to a concept (e.g. adding another clinical phrase to describe the concept, retiring a concept or description).
In case of a SNOMED CT Concept Editor, the title of the editor displays the Preferred Term of the selected concept.
The Concept Editor displays information on a series of pages that can be selected by clicking the tabs at the bottom.
SNOMED CT Concept Editor
When making a change, an asterisk * appears in front of the editor's title, indicating that you have unsaved changes. Click on the Save button in the main toolbar to submit your changes to the repository or press Ctrl+S on your keyboard. Before the changes are saved, a dialog will prompt you to enter a comment describing your change.
Editor Tab with Unsaved Changes