Snow Owl Client Reference


Classifying the ontology and applying the changes

To start the classification, press the
Classify SNOMED CT ontology button in the main toolbar. The reasoner now evaluates the defining relationships between the concepts to infer new connections and identify unnecessary or redundant ones. Afterward, an ontology-comparison process calculates the changes that the reasoner found between the old and the new ontology. You can see the status of this process in the Remote Jobs View in the bottom section; depending on the size of the ontology the process can take several minutes.
Classification Remote Job
When the process is completed, the result can be reviewed in a dedicated browser view.
Dialog for Completion of Classification
New inferences and recommended redundancies, concept equivalencies, and concept changes are all displayed in dedicated browser view tabs.
Classification Results
Classification in collaborative mode: If you are working on an active task, the classification results are added to this task. If you do not have an active task, the classification results will be placed on the MAIN repository branch.

Classification failure

The classification cannot be completed if there are unsatisfiable concepts present in the ontology.
In this case, the classifier returns with an error dialog listing the erroneously unsatisfiable concepts. In case of equivalent concepts, you need to fix the concept definition, either by changing the definition status or adding the necessary defining relationships and then classifying the ontology again.