Snow Owl Client Reference

Error Messages

This page describes the error messages that can appear on Snow Owl’s user interface, a few examples to better understand how an error looks like, a clarification of the message and the idea behind it, and a few steps that can be taken to resolve the error.
Error Type
How to resolve
  • Username or password is invalid
  • Your access to the application has been revoked.
User does not have access to the software or either his provided username or password is invalid.
Re-enter your username and password then try again or check with your Snow Owl System Administrator if you have the right privileges to log in to the application.
  • Your user is unauthorized to perform the operation.
  • Editor permission is required to complete the operation.
The currently logged in user does not have access to the functionality inside the application, specific access is required to complete the operation.
Check your assigned roles and permission with your Snow Owl System Administrator.
Bad Request
  • 'Term' must be specified
  • 'ID' is in invalid format
User entered information does not satisfy the minimum requirements to perform the operation.
Fix the error by changing the argument value to the required format (empty text to an actual value, invalid value to a valid value, etc.).
  • Write access to SNOMED CT was denied because [email protected] is classifying. Please try again later.
Another user is currently using the resource for an operation that takes longer and requires a consistent state. Further modifications until the end of the operation are forbidden.
Wait until the reported user completes his operation on the resource and try again. In certain cases this might require closing and reopening editors so they have the latest up-to-date data.
  • Concept with 12105 identifier already exists.
  • Duplicate term 'Abdominal pain'
The user provided information already exists in the system and the software has prevented unnecessary duplication of data.
Re-enter the data with unique values then try to save the changes again. In certain cases this might require closing and reopening editors so they have the latest up-to-date data.
Not Found
  • The requested resource does not exist and/or not yet created.
  • Failed to load component. SNOMED CT Concept 12105 | Concept A | is not found.
The resource you have requested does not exist in the system or not have been created yet.
Remove any links, references to data that have been removed since. For example: bookmarks pointing to concepts that have been deleted since might need manual removal.
  • Your request could not be completed under a minute. Please try again later
The operation is taken longer than usual and your client waits for its completion only the specified amount of time. The operation might complete in the background, but the client might be unable to display the results in the usual way.
Retry the operation after a short notice period.
Not Implemented/Not available
  • The requested operation is not implemented yet
  • This feature is not available yet
The operation or feature you have tried is not available at the moment or not have been implemented yet (only in preview builds).
Wait until the feature in question is implemented and released.
  • Unexpected failure when importing SNOMED CT RF2
  • Unexpected error when committing changes to a concept
This error message appears when something unexpected happens in the background and Snow Owl was unable to process the request and reported the failure.
The error message should indicate what was the cause of the issue and should help you resolve the issue on your side. After a few failed retry attempts raise a support ticket on our support channels to help you resolve the error.
Expected error report structure:
Subject: short description about the error Description: A well described step-by-step guide to help reproducing the issue as quickly as possible. Attachments: any files that might help reproducing the issue (including server/client log files, import/export files, etc.)
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